HR audit

What is an HR audit ?

Human resources management in a company in constantly changing. It is part of a very particular social, legal, economic and technical environment. It must constantly adapt to support the development of the company without the HR department being affected by the dynamic.

To assist you with this development process, De Officiis can offer you aa tailor-made HR audit that meets your specific needs.

The HR audit we offer provides genuine support with managing administrative matters so that you can focus on your core business and the success of your projects.

Thanks to our team of dedicated consultants and the specialists we supply, we implement the processes needed so that Human Resources can contribute to the success of the company.

What we offer ?

  • · Diagnosis/analysis of the situation

An outside perspective is essential during the different phases throughout the life of a company.

  • Supporting, optimising and organising the function and HR management

 Developing the HR tools for the company’s needs and its business

 Managing skills and career development

 Drawing up a wage policy

 Managing interviews

 HR administration

 Follow-up and support in the short, medium and long term

 Providing support with choosing and setting-up a suitable software solution

 Providing assistance with managing subcontracting:

Temporary placement
Technical assistance
Wage portage

The steps of the HR audit

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