HR advice and support

Example of advice and coaching :

In international human resources management (secondment, expatriation, intra-group mobility, etc.)

Client objectives :

→ To have a single and trusted contact person to offer their expertise and to help you with formalities for secondments of your employees or while they are on missions outside your country of domicile.

→ To rely on the expertise of De Officiis to limit risks and responsibilities while your experts are working away.

→ To being integrated into and develop in markets outside France

By entrusting De Officiis with consultancy and support missions, you will be able to focus on your core business and on developing your company to increase your competitiveness.

Commitments / missions of De Officiis :


A- Consultancy

consultancy and monitoring for social, contractual, legal and fiscal obligations

 producing summaries, reminders and recommendations on the different ways of working in compliance with the laws and institutions of the countries

 updating knowledge and know-how on local formalities and contexts

 coordination and assistance

 support (consultancy and support) for compliance with the administrations of the countries concerned, in particular the tax authorities and welfare organisations (benefits, retirement, health etc.)

 support with drawing up the mobility policy

 support with obtaining visas: procedure, list of documents to be provided, advice (issues to be aware of, deadlines etc.)

 support with secondments of employees in your foreign subsidiaries

 drawing up information sheets for your employees’ short-term travel missions

B- Other services

 Agent service

 Local procedures (administrative, legal, fiscal, welfare etc.),

 International logistics

 Legal issues (work permits, visas etc.)

For compliance with the legal obligations of the countries concerned.

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