Permanent recruitment

Technical support

(Service hire)

Whether you call it “service hire” or “temporary work”, for us, the idea is the same: to offer our clients the best professionals, at the best time and on the best terms.

With a growing network of Swiss customers, we are now able to provide qualified and unqualified staff in many sectors.

We can provide staff for temporary missions, whether short or long-term. We know the staff and follow them on a day-to-day basis, ensuring we have a relationship of trust and can offer the most efficient service possible.

Our service also includes :

    • Supplying PPE and all the equipment that workers will need to be operational;
    • ensuring regular follow-up so that the service we provide meets your expectations.

We are also committed to providing employees with all the training necessary so they can properly fulfil their missions or help them make professional progress within your teams.

De Officiis has cantonal and federal permits to carry out service hire and private placement in all sectors of business (except sports, au pair work and jobs in the arts).

Our business is governed by the Swiss employment service act (LSE), the Swiss code of obligations (CO), the Swiss jurisdiction act (LFors) and, where applicable, the Swiss Civil procedure code (CPC).