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What is our mission ? We simply make your life easier by taking care of all aspects related to supplying staff: through consulting, payroll management, and tailor-made, appropriate sourcing to locate the best skills for you. We also offer personalised support for all logistical aspects, legal matters, welfare cover… etc.

De Officiis can help you to manage your workforce, with recruitments (permanent or temporary), as well as provide assistance with HR and international staff mobility aspects.

Are you looking for a secondment, expatriation ?

You do not know what to do so your business complies with the laws of that country ?

Our commitments

We are committed to working in compliance with the law, while respecting people, and the fundamental rules of our profession to ensure your projects are successful.

We are committed to:


  • respecting the fundamentals: sourcing according to your needs and the education/experience of the candidates.
  • Respecting the constraints and schedule of your projects
  • Keeping on top your administrative matters efficiently and in line with your particular requirements
  • For international missions: offering premium employment and tax packages to consultants all over the world
  • Dealing with legal and administrative matters of employees and taking care of them

Our missions

To support you from the requirements planning stage

• We will provide you with

– Our assistance writing job descriptions

– Our technical expertise and knowledge of the professions

 • We will guarantee you

– Rigorous, targeted and international sourcing

– and take into account the context of the position and of the company, as well as your own obligations …

• We will offer you relevant pre-selected applications

• We will conduct the preliminary interviews and organise subsequent ones at your premises or via a video conference

• We will rigorously obtain references

At the end of the application process, you can decide:

– to recruit the selected expert directly  (RECRUITMENT)

– or opt for a technical assistance contract. In this case, De Officiis will provide you with the skills for your teams, and pay the salary of the chosen expert (TEMPING SERVICE)

Wage portage

DE OFFICIIS can also take care of the payroll of one or more employees that you have previously selected.

Outsourcing of all administrative and contractual management: employment contract, attendance sheets, reimbursement of expenses, administrative follow-up, tax support, payment of salaries…

And we do that wherever you and the employee are on the planet !

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